Modules reordering themselves despite settings

Hi there,

I am setting up modular pages and keep encountering a weird bug where the ordering of the modules isn’t correct. As soon as I save a module or push a module live it changes the order of them on the base page.

The children display order is set to Order by folder name, all of the modules are named with numbers, yet this does not seem to have any bearing on how they will be ordered. RIght now they are in the wrong order because of the last order I pushed changes live, which is super frustrating.

Are there any folder permissions or anything bizarre like that I could be missing? Site configurations? Anything at all?

Thank you in advance for any help at all!

Many screenshots attached if they help.

Site is:

Screen Shot 2022-07-10 at 3.53.25 PM

Hi and welcome (back) here. You have detailed your problem very well, so thank you for that.

I think, working through Admin, it looks like your actions should result in correctly ordered module display as you say. This could be a bug in either Admin (hopefully not) or your theme template.

One thing you didn’t mention is which theme you are using. Could you also show which page template you are using and perhaps link us to its source or paste the relevant module bits here?

I’m also curious if you can manually edit the page’s .md file (last screenshot) and remove the two lines:

  items: self@.modular

Hi hughbris,

Thanks for the reply– sorry for my late one, I got caught up in the work week!

My theme is a custom one that started as a child of Typhoon. I’ve worked on it myself a bit, as well as paid a dev to help out a bit. I’m happy to share any files! They aren’t on github, though– how should I link/share with you?

Manually editing the page and removing those two lines seems to break the page in that it removes all of the child modules from showing up.

Looks like Typhoon is closed source so I suspect it’s against its license to share it or a derived work. In any case, I think there are two avenues you should pursue first:

  • you have paid a developer, so I would first ask them to confirm that this problem isn’t a result of the work they did for you;
  • being based on a paid theme, you may have access to support from Trilby Media, the theme vendor.

Here is something you can also try, but I don’t think it will work. Grav’s docs say that @self.modular is deprecated for @self.modules. Deprecated means the old way still works for a while, but it’s possible this is out of date. I doubt that. It won’t hurt to update that header anyway.

Thanks, hughbris!

They do have the skeletons for Typhoon open to peruse on Github to the public, if that helps answer anything:

I shall explore these other avenues in the meantime!

Thank you!