Modular content ordering not working

I am building a site that uses pages and modular content. and requires everything to be manually ordered using page order in the admin. I have successfully got pages to order using the

  by: default

in the blueprints and activating folder prefixes.

However I am experiencing errors when I try to do they same with modules.

  1. Modules do not have prefix enabled by default even when there is an existing sibling with it activated.

  2. Upon manually activating prefixes every module regardless of existing siblings is a assigned a prefix of 01. meaning I have to manually rename the folders (ok for me but I have to hand this over to non tech people who wont have ftp access)

  3. Even when all folders a correctly prefixed the ordering functionality in the admin screen just shows a message that it is disabled.

I am currently running on a local host (Mamp osx).

I have tried reverting to the anti matter template and setting up modules in the same way but get same results.

Can anyone tell me if this is A: a fixable error B: a bug with my install C: a bug with the current build of Grav.

ta v much!

Just noticed another bug.

Whenever I resave an existing module in admin it resets the folder prefix to ‘01.’ meaning I have to then rename the folder manually