Modular template subpages ordering

I’m trying to reorder modular pages which are listed under another modular page. My Problem is that I have to set an ordering in the parent so I can’t drag&drop the pages like I’m able to do this on root level. Maybe I’m overlooking something simple but is it possible to make the order in the header only relevant for _modular elements or to enable the drag&drop functionality on the _modular elements too so I am able to push all elements like I want them to be ordered?


I don’t think you can nest modular page into each other, but I never tried actually

Actually it works pretty well expect the ordering. Okay i try to figure it out somehow, thanks :slight_smile:

Seem you can number prefix for sub folder with enabling in option pane (not a typing named folder) then config ordering by folder.

okay i had already set the ordering to folders. Now my page header looks like that

title: Home
        by: folder
        dir: asc
    items: '@self.modular'

The Problem was were the items in content. Honestly I don’t really know why, but now I can rearrange the pages like i want easily per drag & drop. _modulars are still ordered after folder names so everything is working fine.