Custom order modular pages in admin


I’m trying to figure out how to make a custom order on my modular pages in admin (not expert mode). They are not visible in the “drag and drop” order list and I can’t find any way on doing this in the parent file. Is there any way I can do this without touching the filesystem?

Currently you can set the parent Modular page Order by to Title and set titles accordingly (same goes for Folder, if you prefer).

We have a better support for modular pages in Admin in the queue, where you’ll be able to reorder more easily via drag and drop.

Ok, thanks.

Order: By: Folder is working as expected, but if I set parent to

      By: Title

The modular sub-pages do not re-order themselves (their titles are 01 page, 02 page).

It’s working now, seems I had to add Dir: asc nested under Order: to have the desired effect. That or the capitalization on Title (instead of title) was messing it up. Odd.

You should lowercase all of those. All the examples have all those YAML variables lowercase.

Was slightly misled by the reply above by flaviocopes then. Thanks for confirming!