Modular pages from the GUI

In the docu, I can find how to create modular pages by hand - but not how to do it within the GUI.
Unluckily, neither method is working for me.
I’m using the “machine” template.

I tried to create a modular page structure:

Bildschirmfoto von »2017-04-22 10-34-50«
(which, I guess, looks as it should)

Now, in the GUI:

Bildschirmfoto von »2017-04-22 10-34-30«

With mouse-over, it tells me “invisible” - and this is true; I cannot see the modular items.
Of course, “edit -> options” is set to “published”. So - what am I doing wrong?


Seem to be an issue of the “machine” template. Works with “antimatter”.