What are modular pages?

I have no idea what modular pages are! help?

Modular pages it’s a great function coming with Grav, you can have a multiple views into one template, if you want see you can view the Grav themes released by me, all new themes use a modular system :slight_smile:

Really they are a way to build complex pages by stacking ‘modular’ pages on top of each other and rendering them all out as a single page. see the getgrav.org homepage or the on page skeleton of other examples.

how do you stack multiple modular pages on top of each other ?

I mean how to collect all the modular pages in one place in a page?

Like I said, download, install and inspect the “onepage skeleton” package. It will answer your questions easier than me explaining :slight_smile: Just look at the pages, and the corresponding modular templates in the Antimatter theme.

okay thanks :smiley: