How to display all pages in the menu?

I have created a modular page with several sub pages for a one page layout and another default page for the imprint.
On the desktop website I can only see the the menu items of the modular sub pages but not the default imprint page. When I am using a mobile phone I can access the default page via the hamburger menu. I am using the Antimatter 2.1.1 theme.
How can I display all menu items directly on the desktop page?
Thanks in advance!

Is it possible to get a zip of your site so far as I’m not following you 100%. Can PM this to me if required.


I have sent it you a few seconds ago, thanks in advance for taking a look at it!

Oh I get you now. The thing is the modular page by default (in Antimatter at least) displays the items of the modular page as on ‘on-page’ jump-style menu. You can change this behavior by putting this:

onpage_menu: false

In the frontmatter of the file. Then it will display the menu like a regular page.


Thank you very much, works as expected :slight_smile:

Hi! I also have the same problem as Mr Peleke.
Can someone help me?