Modular page documentation (antimatter theme)

I am having difficult times to set a modular page with the antimatter theme.

Would not it be possible to put the code of the modular page example given in the learn section on the github repo, in order to see how everything work together?

Thanks in advance for the light…

I precise that I am writting from France, and it’s nignt right now here, so that I won’t be able to react right now as I have to sleep ☆ but I’ll resume tomorrow.

I am back now ♪

There’s the ‘One-Page Site’ skeleton that has a one modular page with Antimatter. Check it out to see a live example of its usage.

Thank you very much
I am going to check that.

I am glad that I ask the forum: what if I don’t !

Especially at first nearly impossible to understand clearly at first that the file had to be named ‘’’ or or

Then difficult or impossible to guess the importance of adding in the header:
body_classes: "modular header-image fullwidth"

I’d like to have something like a reference table describing clearly the attributes possible and there effect.
Actually, I feel that GRAV is a maze with plenty of one way streets…

I mean that to learn and to experience coding the real way, It’s may be the best way…

But it could be better… with better references… I am going to make a proposal of modification in in that direction…

If @rhukster could hear that …

Ok I downloaded the skeleton and effectively … it’s transparent ☆

My previous posts look ridiculous, but really it’s that I did not understood that I had this possiblity …

I think I am going to be able to go further from now on.

Thank again to you, @Flavioscopes

Always happy to improve the documentation, many times “from the inside” it’s hard to tell what’s missing, the the feedback is very much welcome. You can of course add to or open issues if you think something’s not clear enough / not documented

Thanks ♪
I am not quite sure of where and what to modify though …
I’m going to make a proposition in the skeleton part of documentation then… See you there ☆

What do you think of that: