Standard page with modular pages within? don't get it

Hi guys,
sorry I’m not a developer so this stuff is a bit new to me.
I use grav with admin plugin and at the moment antimatter theme and I just want to get this structure realized:
Bildschirmfoto 2017-05-11 um 11

I tried various combinations but never worked. Is there a solution?
I like to use the modular templates but I also need a more structured page (not a onepager)

Thanks in advance!

I do not really get your diagram, so I will try to explain what you can do with Antimatter.

There are basically three templates for Antimatter: default, blog and modular.
The default template you can add a single “article” or whatever you want within a single markdown file.
The blog template allows you to add as many articles as you want in order.
The modular template allows you to add several “modules” in the order you want on a single page. Check out more info here: Learn Grav: Modular pages

The structure you have looks to be more complicated then what Antimatter can handle out of the box without modifications. Since you do not have a lot of experience creating themes I would strongly suggest learning Gantry 5 plugin. Gantry 5 is a template generator with everything you want out of the box and unlimited possibilities with some experience with css.

Good luck and have fun!


thanks for your input… maybe to clarify on my diagram.
It’s just the navigation where red is the main navigation and a site of its own.
blue are subsites. so you can choose “products” which is a site of its own and there you can choose from a submenu “product 1”.
and I’d like for every product (1 & 2) to be a modular page so I can use the modular templates for features and so on.
so you could say every product is a onepager but without the section navigation you have on the onepager template.

I know how to setup a submenu but I can only use default pages. But I would like to use modular pages in the submenu.
I hope that makes it a little bit more clear.

Now I understand. Then without modifications to the twig files this is going to be hard since there is no way to control the different menus separately.
I really suggest you take a look at Gantry 5 and may i suggest the helium theme:)

I tested gantry and yes, it does exactly what I need menu-wise.
but on the other hand, like you said it really has unlimited possibilities which means for me a quite strong learning curve…
but thanks!

Well out of the box it do not have unlimited possibilities and most of it is ready to use. Take an hour or two reading the gantry documentation working on your project and things will fall on place easily and fast.

The other way is to learn to modify twig which takes substantially longer time, but is a lot more valuable in the long run if you plan on making many projects using Grav.