Photos color antimatter theme

Hi everybody ♪

I am currently trying to set a modular page with the antimatter theme directly from code and so it’s not simple.

Right now, I do not understand why my photo, which is black, is transformed in blue!

I mean, I have seen the example in the antimatter theme repo and I understand well that it’s the way it has been set in the antimatter theme.

I am trying to change that, please help me understand what is the process applied and how I can interact with it.

I precised that I had a look in many ways in the documentation and that it’s not sufficeintly explained so someone with my technical level can understand what is going on.

I precise that I am writting from France, and it’s nignt right now here, so that I won’t be able to react right now as I have to sleep ☆ but I’ll resume tomorrow.

Thanks in advance for considering this request

It’s being dynamically colorized by this line:

☆ Thank you
I had noticed it and modifed it, BUT even that, it did not change result.
Going to try again ♪
If you are faster than me, what should I do?
(I precise that I have clear the cache)

Hurrah … HURRAH … ♪ ☆ Thank to you @rhukster … it finally worked!
Great !