Modular page

Hi guys,

I’m trying to create modular components for modular page, but I don’t understand how to let the admin user choose the oder of module inside a modular page (group) through the Grav Administration. In Advanced settings of the module, I always get this message : Parent setting order, ordering disabled.

Thank you so much ! I’m very excited to finish this first web site in Grav !
Hope my message is clear (I’m not an english native sorry !)

It may very well be that the order can not be set using the Administrator User Interface. I assume you already now how to set the order via the modular page frontmatter as described in Setting Up the Primary Page?

Thank you for your reply ! Oh really, the administration doesn’t include order for modular page ? It’s really wierd because normal pages can be ordered… ! I hope this feature will be added in the next updates, because it seems so important for admin user… !