Mod_rewrite problem

I have uploaded my website but i cant get it to work.
When i browse towards the site i get the following error:
mod_rewrite Apache module is not installed or enabled
When i Look in the .htaccess file its saids RewriteEngine On.
Anybody any suggestion how to solve this issue?

KR, Ward

Sure, install and/or enable mod_rewrite in Apache. Just because .htaccess calls for mod_rewrite does not imply that it is installed and/or enabled on your server. This is not a grav problem, but a hosting issue!

Hi ghowey thanks for your reply im in discussion with my hosting provider now how to solve the problem. when i check the system info it saids the mod_rewrite module is not loaded

Rewrite is a required functionality for Grav. Most hosting providers enable this by default because without it you can’t get SEO-Friendly URLs. As this is pretty much a requirement these days and there’s not real reason not to have it, it’s just considered standard.

Your hosting provider should know this, and if they don’t, probably time to find a new hosting provider! :slight_smile:

Hi rhukster, thnaks for your reply my hosting provider admitted that rewrite should work. They told me that they Will look into the issue tomorrow so i Will wait for their solution. If they dont come up with one i might need to Find another provider but Lets hope its not needed