Mixing HTML and YAML

I’ve just got my first site with Grav working and am trying to add some posts to a blog. At the moment I am struggling to get YAML to do everything I need it to do, so am trying to use html to get some formatting done. However I’ve found once a HTML tag has been added to the page, any YAML syntax used there after is ignored.


Main Head


###Sub Head 3

Results in:

Main Head and the div being rendered correctly, but Sub Head 3 is rendered as ###Sub Head 3

Is there a setting I need to change to allow for both coding types?

Markdown (not YAML) may be mixed. That is part of markdown syntax. There is no option to turn it off or on.

The problem with “Sub Head 3” is a missing space between the hash sign and the word “Sub”.

Hi bleutzinn,
thanks for the answer, my example was poorly written, I do have the space in there, but it is still not working. I also have links asdasdasd and bold words after the closing div tag.

None of the markdown after the HTML renders correctly. If I remove the div everything renders fine.