Markdown extra

for some reason my version goes really bad if i change system.yaml, markdown_extra to true. If i change it on a page basis, it works. Possible some sort of conflict in other pages maybe.
one other thing that took me ages to find:

YAML appears to insist on a space after the colon. Otherwise my version dies horribly making files that become “permission denied” even after a reboot. don’t know why, but the space fixed it.

I don’t see any problem with markdown_extra: true, just tested, which error did you get?

Spaces in YAML is part of the YAML standard, it’s expected.

correct me if i’m wrong but correct way to use markdown extra is now:

    extra: true

@Karol, that works when put on an individual page. That’s the way thast works for me.

markdown_extra: true in system.yaml just doesnt work here. the whole site stops working with 404. then i find system.yaml has become unreadable. something is wrong with this way.

Is that specific change that triggers the 404, or any change to user/config/system.yaml?

For example if the editor saves using tabs, Grav (well, the yaml parser) fails as the yaml file must be indented using spaces

markdown_extra is the old setting, and while it may still work, it’s deprecated.

   extra: true

is the new way to set this, and it’s the same in system.yamlunderpages:` section or in your page header.