Markdown is escaped when using HTML

Dear community,

I am very new to Grav, so I do not know if my approach makes sense in the first place. I wanted to have a centerd heading and used the following code:


The rendered page outputs “#Heading” (centered), so the markdown syntax is somehow escaped. Using html completely (<H1… etc.) works fine.

It would be great if some could help me out with this issue.

Hi @Olivander12, does <center># Heading</center> work? Markdown needs a space between the # and text for Header 1. Here is a Markdown guide that you might also find helpful:

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your reply, but that did not solved the issue. The markdown syntax is still displayed escaped.

I could live with the additional html tags for centered headings, but I wanted to center multiple images, and I do not want the much longer html syntax for images.

Edit: I found the solution, it was simple: The markdown syntax has to be around the html tags. So ## <center> Text </center> works.

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