Mardown extra

I have enable markdown extra in system.yaml, but the syntax mixing markdown and html (using markdown=“1” in html tag) doesn’t work.

I missed something somewhere ?

Thank you for your help

Can you try this example as provided on the Michel Fortin site?

<div markdown="1">
This is *true* markdown text.

Does that work? If not, can you try setting markdown_extra: true in your page header. Does that work?

BTW I just tested this and it works fine with setting in system.yaml:

  markdown_extra: true

and also with page header:

markdown_extra: true

Both methods work fine with that example HTML above

thank you all for your answers. You right, with the example of Michel Fortin, no problem, but with my page, it didn’t work!

I look for the problem and I found it: if in the html part, you have some html characters like “& nbsp;” or “& copy;” (without space after & of course), there no interpretation of the markdown syntax. This problem don’t seem to come from Markdown Extra, I use it wih other CMS like picoCMS and it work with html characters.

It works if html characters gave in hex format (for example: & #xa9; for & copy;)…But it’s a little bit harder to remember it :wink:

ok that’s a little strange. We’re just running through the markdown extra processor. I don’t think there’s any other processing going on before that which would cause a problem. I will look into it though. Cheers!