Metadata not working with the new update v1.0.8

I’ve run the new updates, as well as the core (from v1.0.6 to v1.0.8). Every metadata I’ve put is not working. Though it saves the data you’ve inserted, it doesn’t show when you “view source” your website.

How are you setting the metadata? Can you give me an example of your page header?

We already put a content in config. site, but the meta-data doesn’t display.

So specifically it’s the metadata in site.yaml? Can you create an issue here: and include details about the theme you are using, and a copy of your site.yaml config with all the metadata so we can try to get this sorted ASAP?

We just forget to include the metadata in base.html.twig

It’s not like we missed to include the metadata file. It’s not included in the “base.html.twig” in the “theme tutorial” which is must be included in the tutorial. I think it should be added from the documentation as well.