Meta.yaml doesn't exist

I am writing in connection with the metadata of uploaded images.

On a regular page, I have uploaded an image, saved page, and wanted to edit metadata in order to copy this function to my gallery plugin but the popup showed me this message:
doubt.png.meta.yaml doesn’t exist

When I checked the directory of the page, it is not really there.

I am using now the latest Grav version: 1.7.18

So I have moved to Grav 1.7.20 but the problem still remains.
But now I know why.

In the Media.php file located at system/src/Grav/Common/Page on line 90

$exif_reader = isset(Grav::instance()['exif']) ? Grav::instance()['exif']->getReader() : false;

fails and $exif_reader is set to false so

            // metadata file
            $meta_path = $file_path . '.meta.yaml';

            if (file_exists($meta_path)) {
                $types['meta']['file'] = $meta_path;
            } elseif ($file_path && $exif_reader && $medium->get('mime') === 'image/jpeg' && empty($types['meta']) && $config->get('')) {
                $meta = $exif_reader->read($file_path);

                if ($meta) {
                    $meta_data = $meta->getData();
                    $meta_trimmed = array_diff_key($meta_data, array_flip($this->standard_exif));
                    if ($meta_trimmed) {
                        if ($locator->isStream($meta_path)) {
                            $file = File::instance($locator->findResource($meta_path, true, true));
                        } else {
                            $file = File::instance($meta_path);
                        $types['meta']['file'] = $meta_path;

on line 172 which is

} elseif ($file_path && $exif_reader && $medium->get('mime') === 'image/jpeg' && empty($types['meta']) && $config->get(''))

the $exif_reader is set to false so that code is unable to reach the code under the elseif and the yaml file cannot be saved/created.


EXIF Support enabled
Supported EXIF Version 0220
Supported filetypes JPEG, TIFF
Multibyte decoding support using mbstring enabled

I think this is a bug but I don’t know how to contact administrators + I think it is only on my machine because it still remains on another subdomain on the same machine.