Metadata override

metadata on websites not overwrite metadata settings/site

if each page has a unique title and description to add the description on pages it is doubled.

sorry for my English

Hmmm, I remember having the same problem, but not quite sure how I managed to solve it, anyway, here is what works for me:
For every custom blueprint I added this file:

                  toggleable: true
                  type: array
                  label: PLUGIN_ADMIN.METADATA
                  help: PLUGIN_ADMIN.METADATA_HELP
                  placeholder_key: PLUGIN_ADMIN.METADATA_KEY
                  placeholder_value: PLUGIN_ADMIN.METADATA_VALUE

And then I add this for every page

{% for meta in page.metadata %}
<meta {% if %}name="{{ }}" {% endif %}
{% if meta.http_equiv %}http-equiv="{{ meta.http_equiv }}" {% endif %}
{% if meta.charset %}charset="{{ meta.charset }}" {% endif %} 

{% endfor %}

I defined some global metadata in the config, and page specific metadata seems to override the site metadata when set with this solution.

Hope it helps!

thank you

Better to create a partials/metadata.html.twig and put that logic in there. Then you can just include this partial on every page, or better yet, in a base that all other pages extend.

I understand, forgiveness in the default template is an example.

exactly, it’s not a requirement but it’s a good methodology to follow.