Make an authors list in Grav


How can I create a list of authors, with an avatar image and a small biography, to be used in any blog post, through a select field?
What would be the best option, to use a user directory with Flex, through theme options and blueprints, etc?
I’m migrating a new theme to Grav and I’d like to implement this option, but I’m not sure how to do it.

Thanks for your help in advance.

I would create a flex objects list of authors and make a simple plugin with method to list all of them. Then add a select field with data-options@

Check this post for the example:

Try Aura Authors Plugin - it is not perfect, but with few changes you will get what U need - just like I did :wink:

Hello @lisekbox

Thank you for your answer. In principle, the idea is to achieve what the Aurora Author plugin does, but integrated into the theme, without the need to install third-party plugins. Unfortunately, I have carried out some tests with the Aurora Authors plugin and I have not achieved a satisfactory result.

The other option, the one indicated by @Karmalakas, I think is a better option, but I need a little more knowledge of Flex Object to be able to do it.

I will continue researching and learning with Grav, thanks to your help.