Set Category and Tag (Taxonomies) as required

@pireba, To respond to your issue wrt the empty Taxonomy values in your static function…

Try the following function inside your theme (or plugin):

public static function taxonomyValues(string $taxon, string $fieldType)
  /** @var Grav */
  $grav = Grav::instance();

  /** @var Admin */
  $admin = $grav['admin'];

  /** @var Taxonomy */
  $taxonomy = $grav['taxonomy'];

  $keys = $taxonomy->getTaxonomyItemKeys($taxon);
  $values = [];

  foreach ($keys as $key) {
    if ($fieldType === 'select') {
      $values[$key] = $key;
    } else {
      $values[] = [
        'text' => $key,
        'value' => $key,

  return $values;

In combination with the following field definitions:

data-options@: ['\Grav\Theme\Quark::taxonomyValues', 'category', 'select']
data-options@: ['\Grav\Theme\Quark::taxonomyValues', 'tag', 'selectize']


  • Replace Quark with the name of your theme.
  • The 2nd parameter select|selectize, might not be needed in your case. It’s just to show that different returns types are required depending on the field type.