Related collections, How to do it better in Grav?

I am developing an art gallery website.

  • The site should have a searchable page with Artists.
  • Each artist should have a collection of artworks.
  • There should be also a searchable page with a Gallery, containing artworks from all Artists.
  • Artists and artworks must be manageable from the admin.

The question is where do I begin?
I am new to the directory structure of Grav, so it is a bit overwhelming as I don’t know where is best to place stuff.
Is it possible to make it just with custom flex types, or do I need to start a separate plugin?

Thanks much!


The question is where do I begin?

If you want to go fast, go slow… Start simple and try to get a feel of Grav’s concepts:

I don’t see a reason yet why you would want to use custom Flex Objects. Btw. Pages are already Flex Objects and easily maintainable in Admin.

Thanks! I will check out Taxonomy Collections.
I was eying flex types because it looks like it is easier to edit the content in the Admin(Separate menu, probably easier to implement search).

Also try TNTsearch. I have a lot more success with it and it’s easier to configure.