Looking for post filter - Grav site example doesn't work?

The kind of thing I want, is actually on the grav website already (sort of, it’s a pretty boring / bad version, but it’s functionally the same thing) - Themes | Grav CMS (getgrav.org)

Except… it doesn’t work? When you choose ‘blog’ or ‘portfolio’ it doesn’t actually update the filter?

I found another grav site (a photography portfolio, but I can’t remember the link for it) which had the same problem (filters didn’t actually work) but I thought it was just an old site that hadn’t been updated/fixed in a while.

But does this system just… not work in grav? Especially as grav’s own site has the bug, which isn’t great for the website for a website-builder lol.

Hi and welcome!

I am having some trouble following your words, but others may understand. However, you seem to be trying to link to a theme but actually you’re just linking to the list of themes on the Grav website.

Yeh, I know. The example gallery that grav uses is what I’m trying to have, where you have a list of posts, and you can filter them by the tag/category. But it doesn’t work on the grav site.

OK thanks for clarifying.