How to add options tab etc to blueprints in Custom Theme without inheritance to QUARK theme?

Hi everyone. I am using grav cms for a long time but recently I have found out that I am missing some fundamental concepts /details of grav. So I am sorry in advance to ask for stupid questions.

In quark there are many admin blueprint settings like when it is published and so on but I have not find out (in documentation and in Quark blueprints) what is correct way to add them to my custom blueprints when i dont want to create inherited theme to Quark.

In general, if you see a blueprint in quark you should be able to copy/paste that file directly into your theme and it should work. You will need to clear your broswer / grav cache too.

However its probably going to be more complicated than that. Do you have a specific field as an example? In general you can learn about all the field types here:
You can also create a plugin to handle more advanced field usage which you can see here

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Thank You for your reply.
I know how to create custom blueprints (Example: Page Blueprints | Grav Documentation) that is not a problem at all. I want to add tabs “advanced” and “options” from default blueprint right away. Right now, I am using blueprints without them or I copy these lines from file /system/blueprints/pages/default… When Grav change I need to always check if something changed under the hood and it is not up to best practice, but I have not found out how to import only these two tabs without other default blueprints data/lines.

@tunkila, I fail to understand your question and replies, but…

If you want to

  • extend the default blueprint from ‘/system/blueprints/pages/default.yaml’,
  • which is overridden by Quark’s ‘user/themes/quark/blueprints/default.yaml’
  • and you want to add an extra field to the ‘Settings’ section in the Advanced tab…

Then, you should create file ‘user/blueprints/pages/default.yaml’ and add:

extends@: default


                      type: text
                      label: Add a number
                      default: 5
                        required: true
                        type: int

That will give you the following page fields in the Advanced tab in Admin:

  • The green box is added by the original ‘system/blueprints/pages/default.yaml’,
  • The blue box is an override of ‘header.body_classes’ by Quark’s ‘user/themes/quark/blueprints/default/yaml’
  • The red box is added by your ‘user/blueprints/pages/default.yaml’

You can now safely upgrade Quark and Grav without impact on your extension.

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Thx I have read that part of documentation once again and finally get what I was looking for. :heart_eyes: