*can't find admin folder*

Hi, I’m really new of GRAV. I downloaded core-admin package(grav-admin-v1.0.0-rc.6.zip) and installed today. I checked admin plugins are installed and created new user.

Then I tried to access admin panel mysite.com/admin, the browser shows 404 Not found. It seems I have no “admin” folder. Though I think I’ve followd every step in http://learn.getgrav.org/admin-panel/introduction, have I skip anything important, basic step?

This must sound so stupid, but would anyone tell me how I could get to access “admin” folder and admin-panels, please?

Forgive such a silly question, please. Thank you.


Can you open any page in the frontend? Or you get 404 too?

Check Page Not Found

Thank you for your reply. I can open front page. I can see Grav is Running! , when I changed site title(user/config/site.yaml), it’s changed.

The 404 Not found is ordinaly 404, not Grav style one.

I found what has happened. It’s .htaccess. My server doesn’t like Options, so I changed #Options -Indexes, then yes! admin-panel showed!!!

Thank you flaviocopes. I haven’t noticed that the manual have Error section. I really appreciate the link you gave me.