Lightslider issue with Woo skeleton


I have an issue with the Lightslider plugin : it doesn’t work on my grav installation.
I tried to install it from the admin plugin and then manually. I tried and looked at the Shop skeleton which works fine (but as it’s not a modular one, I assume that there’s some difference).
I copied the slider folder from the Shop skeletton and added it as a modular page in my 01.home under the name “_slider”. In my 01.home >, I added the page as “- _slider”.

Some divs between my slider and the Shop ones are missing :

Here is the result :

Thanks for your help !

Well… Problem solved !
In Woo, the lightslider and JQuery javascript is declared after the footer, but the plugin needs to have both scripts inside the header.
Changes are made in base.html.twig.