Lightslider images folder

Hi and happy new year to all of you.
I want to use the image slider plugin with page specific sliders.
I got it working like in the “shop site skeleton” with the slider folder put in …/user/pages/. Now I want to edit my blog_item.html.twig to use a folder inside specific page (for example: …/user/pages/
How do I have to modify this line:

{% include 'modular/lightslider.html.twig' ignore missing with {'page': page.find('/slider', true)} %}

I’m progressing in my research. For now I can acces to a slider like this:

    {% include 'modular/lightslider.html.twig' ignore missing with {'page': page.find('/projects/projectA/slider', true)} %}

where the tree looks like .../user/pages/01.projects/projectA/slider and 01.projects page is defined as home page in grav admin configuration page.
So, technicaly it works, but it is some static :frowning:
I want to find a way to ask grav to use a path relative to projectA/slider folder (and then projectB/slider, projectC/slider, …)

any ideas?

I’m working on a simpler OwlCarousel plugin that is built on shortcodes. I’ve not had chance to revisit lightslider lately. I think I will redo it with shortcodes also.

Thank you for your reply. I’ll stay tuned.
I think I’ll go with modular pages for the moment.