Learn2 problem with image spacing

I am using Learn 2 for a community project and having some issues with the way Learn2 spaces images.

Firstly it makes a large block of vertical space before and after the image. I cannot find the CSS causing this - is it something to do with the video-container?
With texthere, I expect the top of the image to be at, or within 1 line of the top of texthere. And I expect the text to continue a line after the bottom of the image. This is the behaviour in GRAV with Quark.

I am using the following in custom.css
.floatleft{ float: left; margin-right: 1em;}
.floatright{ float: right; }

and (mystery.jpg?classes=floatleft) (or floatright) in docs.md.

floatright is fine, except for the vertical issue.
floatleft fails to leave any space between the image and the text to the right - I have tried many variations of margin and padding to no avail. Is there something preventing what I am trying to do?