Floating Images

Hi all, I’m more of a user than a developer. I’ve installed Grav and the RTFM theme and it’s all going well but I’m having a hard time getting the images to float. I’ve read the documentation for it but the class does not work as it’s written (My Image). (I’ve tried just normal but I’m also adding a lightbox and resizing)

I’ve enabled Markdown Extra.

Make sure you are using backtick in order for us to see your code properly.

Did you try this syntax?

![some alt text](myimage.jpg "My title"){.float-left}

Rather than markdown extra syntax (as shown above), simply use Grav’s built in class support:

![some alt text](myimage.jpg?classes=float-left)

Then just add some css:

.float-left { float: left; }

Thank you both for your help, I’m having great fun with CSS now :smiley: