Costumizing learn2 framework


I’m using the learn2 framework.

Is there a way to get rid of
(a) The history checkmarks
(b) The automatic ‘button’ on the right side of the page - that leads me to the next item in line?

Is there a simple way (even WYSIWYG perhaps) to change the alignment of first Header displayed on a respective site? By default it is set to center the text. I would like it to align to the right.
What I mean is, if I’m clicking “Overview” in the example, then the title “Overview” appears centered above the content.

Is there a way to replace the placement holder “Search Documentation” with something else, and if, how?

Thank you for your help.

and why are images centered by default? I’d like to have them appear exactly where I’ve put them (the preview also shows it to me like this)…

why is this so incredibly inflexible T_T

in learn.js (themes/learn2/js) comment out (/** code **/) the following:

        return true; 

Makes the history-marks disappear.

The answer lies within theme.css (themes/learn2/css-compiled);
I searched for ‘center’ and replaced it with ‘left’.

For images aligning to the left I replaced ‘auto’ with ‘left’:

#body img, #body .video-container {
    margin: 3rem left;                                          
    display: block;
    text-align: left; }    

still no solution for 1.(b) and 3.

All your questions are just down to editing some bits of Twig, javascript, CSS etc. Of course all is possible. It just takes a little time. If you don’t want to use your own time, you can pay someone else to do it :slight_smile: