Learn2 not displaying the md files correctly

I’m new to Grav, just trying to figure it out. I initially installed a Skeleton, then I switched to Learn2, then I installed Learn2-git-sync via gpm, and installed the sample content. However the md files are not displayed correctly. You can see it here: www.test.ricefamilyministries.com I’m sure it is a simple setting somewhere. I appreciate you help with this!

On a side note, is Grav able to pull data from a csv file and display it in the page? Is there any documents on that? Thanks again.


Hi @shane , one thing to do is to verify these settings in the system.yaml file:

  yaml_compat: true
  twig_compat: true

Re: pulling data from CSV you might want to check out this Plugin:

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Thanks! That worked. Clearing cache was also a must. I will check out the plugin as well.

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