Search feature does not expand to show matches in all headlines

I have installed GRAV on
On your website i downloaded the GAV+Admin and the learn2 skeleton

My question is the “search” field
In all demos i see that when i start to type (f.eks: topic) it will highlight words in under all headlines. In my installation it will only show the matches in the headline i have open.

Any idea how to get it to show all matches like in your demo and other docs sites i have seen using yours? (f.eks granty)


@morten, The ‘demo’ is in fact the official learn site of Grav. Looking at the code of the Learn site, it references theme Learn4, which is not available in Grav’s plugin repository.

Maybe the highlighting is different between Learn2 and Learn4?

Thanks for your reply
I got it to work
I had downloaded the wrong Skeleton I think
First i downloaded RTFM Site

Then now i downloaded the one further down on the page called Learn2 with Git Sync Site

After installing that on top on the old one it works
I think i got confused about the different version of this skeletons

Thanks anyway for coming back to me so quickly