Media.yaml customisation for MD file

Hi All,

As explain in Grav documentation, media.yaml, it is possible to add an extra mimetype to media.yaml file in Userfolder. But it seems to not work.

I would like to be able to list “.md” file as media files bu when I use the “” function, it returns every type of file except “.md” files. So I tried to create my own "media.yaml’ file in User and I’ve added an extra entry “md” which a copy-paste of the “TXT” mimetype.

Even with that it does not work as expected. I’m still not able to list “md” file as part for media files.

Am I doing something wrong ? Is it for security reason that “.md” file are not “browsable” ?

To stay simple, I just want the url of the current “md” file that Grav is displaying. Is there a simpler solution?


What do you get with

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunatly, it returns all a file except “md” files. Any other idea?

It might be .md files are treated special. They are page files after all. Sorry, don’t know what to suggest