Sparrow theme?

do you maybe plan to port sparrow template from styleshout to graw also?
i’d totally love to use that one. :slight_smile:

Perhaps a link to it would be useful?

Guess, this should be the link:

Looks and feels quite a lot like the Woo theme we already have.

Really nice theme, I put in my todolist if anyone want, I need few days for update my brain to the big news about Grav but I like it.

IMHO the “Kreative” theme is more interesting …

Same site?

I checked, yes same site :slight_smile:


I need before to update my brain, then I need to update all my themes before start new projects, if you need to get this themes fast Im sad about it, if you can waiting no problem, I like to working on porting :slight_smile:

You`re doing a great job - all of GRAV team, no haste.

Thanks to understand my situation, you are welcome! :slight_smile:

I respecto your HO, still, I find this one interesting an would like grav team to port it. I don’t mind waiting at all, as long as I know it will be done.

I would like to know if this is gonna happen anytime soon?

We are busy with other things, including some other theme ports.

Why don’t you try porting it yourself???

I’m working on porting this theme from html5up at them moment. When it’s fineshed I can port both sparrow and Kreative: I love them too.

Months ago few people said they’ll do this project, per my request.
Since then, I contributed to community by translating most of grav to my own - Croatian language. Now, I don’t say I deserve for this to be done, for that, but since some of you said it will be done, I kept my hopes up.
Was it all for nothing?
I still hope someone shall convert this to Grav, per my request.
I’d do it myself, but has lots of different pages, and it’s a bit too complex for beginner to work on something like that.

As beginner myself I encourage others to just dive right in. How will you ever progress out of learner if you don’t put effort in? I’m not saying your translations weren’t useful, in fact we really appreciate the time you took to translate to Croatian. Grav is a community. A community is full of individuals and we all have separate things that come up in our lives. With a focus on the core, the Grav Team doesn’t always have time to port themes. Which is why I encourage you to try your skills out and port it yourself, allowing you to further your knowledge and earn feedback.

Kind regards,

Please, make me a theme. I can’t. :frowning: