JSComments gone?

Has jscomments been discontinued? It’s no longer on the plugins page and it’s no longer available on Github



Hi @fozzie_iom,

yes JS comments has been discontinued. The author deleted all of his plugins and themes from the repository. We are on the way to close the gap by either taking the ownership of his plugins and themes or by integrating some functionality into the core.

Unfortunately, neither the author nor we have a backup of all of his plugins as regards the JS Comments plugin. If you or anybody here have a working copy of that plugin, it would be nice to send me or us the files and to make it available for everybody again.


I have a working copy and I’ve zipped up folder from user/plugins that you can have. Where can I send it to?

You can send it me via Gitter (private chat) or by mail:

sommerregen [at] benjamin-regler [dot] de


A copy of that plugin can be also found in the Deliver Site skeleton, which was packaged with it.

However, concerning JS Comments. It may has become obsolete due to the powerful Forms plugin.

@flaviocopes Cool!

The Comments plugin uses the Form plugin to provide commenting functionality, but Disqus / other JS-powered commenting systems can be useful too, and also can offer more features than the ones currently shipped in the Comments plugin. Nice to have both :slight_smile:

@Sommerregen I’ve sent you a copy anyway. Hopefully it will get resurrected :slight_smile:

@fozzie_iom Thanks. I will upload it this day or tomorrow at latest.