Can't upload image to user/themes folder

I’m trying to upload an image through the Admin to a folder inside my theme folder but it’s coming up with this error:

You have insufficient permissions for task save.

I made the perms 777 just to check and see but still not working even with that…

That’s a Grav ACL issue, not a filesystem permission problem. Is the user granted admin.super?

No and I don’t want them to be… is there a way to do it with a non super user? Thanks

Hi Flaviocopes, I just ran into exactly the same error trying to change my password in the admin profile with this non super user - they have access to admin, but not super, but they don’t seem to be able to change their own password…

Yes, currently this is a problem. Already tracked in Basically any user with admin.login should be able to edit his (and only his) profile. Make your +1 on that issue to raise it, I need to take a look at fixing this problem.

About that other issue, is that in a page? or in a Configuration panel? Which permissions does the user have?

In config panel.

    login: 'true'
    super: 'false'
    statistics: 'true'
    pages: 'true'
    configuration: 'true'
    configuration_site: 'true'
    login: 'false'