Is possible to acces admin panel actually?

I’d like to know that, because I saw an image posted by the admin of the admin panel. Thanks for the help.

It’s not ready yet, but as soon as it is available for beta testing, I will let everyone know via forums, blog, twitter, etc.

Ok, thanks.

I know we’re not supposed to grouch, but then again I just can’t help it… :slight_smile:
Any news regarding the admin panel? A pre-alpha version maybe?

We are starting to bring developer-types into the pre-testing phase. People who can help out with bug fixes and stuff. It’s still a bit rough in places :slight_smile:

I’m still fairly new to several web development techniques, and right now I’m trying to introduce myself to all the development tool. So if you like, count me in when you need the developer-type :slight_smile: