Error 404 Cannot access an admin panel

Hi, Am a complete novice, so can anybody help me in laymans terms to find out how I access the login panel?! I have downloaded one page skeleton package and admin plugin, used filezilla to upload to hosting; web address shows the demo page but I get error page when I try to access mywebsite/admin. Ive spent all day trying to find the answer but getting nowhere with my lack of knowledge!

What is your host? I think someone had a similar issue where his host prevented by default the access to the url
It might worth take a look or search for your host provider in this forum

hi, its hostpresto…just did search but it didnt show up

I shall email host and find out and hope that solves the problem! Thanks…

Check out the 404 Page Not Found Docs

Hi, i ve checked out that page but its not written for a novice like myself… Dont know ho to try the solutions! Im waiting to hear from my web host