Is it possible to have more than one parent for a page?

Hi all,
Is it possible to have more than one parent for a page?

it seems to me that it is possible to choose only one parent…

@vril, Grav is a flat-file cms. Can a file or folder on the OS have multiple parent folders?

Apart from whether a file/folder can have multiple parents, I guess you’re trying to get an answer to the question: “I’m trying to achieve [this], how can that be realised in Grav?”

thank you pamtbaau for the answer, I understand.

So, how can that be realised in Grav? :slightly_smiling_face:


So, how can that be realised in Grav?

In your perception, a page with multiple parents will solve something you would like to achieve. Please share that “something” you would like to achieve…

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so I would like to add pages in my site that appear in sub-menus but also in the main page “Blog”.
So, to do this I can duplicate the page and insert one in “blog” and one in the my sub-menu.

but I don’t want to have to duplicate them…

So my site is this , last two entry appear in the home (Blog) but also in the submenu “Speciali/Approffondimenti”

But I’ve done that by duplicating the pages, and this not a fantastic way, I suppose :sweat_smile:

Hi @vril

You can make a first page with all content, and a second page without content (only title and visible true) but redirecting to first one, using redirect option, in advance tab in admin.

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If you can create symlinks between folders/files, this is the simplest way to avoid duplication. Grav and your filesystem will see them effectively the same. However there are several better ways within Grav itself that are not so easy to describe, and we’d probably need a lot of info about your setup to recommend the best one.