Choosing parent page

Hi there!
I have 1030 pages on my project and I can add new pages with no problems, but when I want to choose parent on page making, I don’t see all pages in select list. I don’t see the last 50 pages maybe. Does anyone have an idea?

How many of the 1030 pages are 1st level parent folders?

Hi @Jerry! I have two main pages with a lot of subpages with subpages and I use Learn2 Git Sync theme…

I just thought I’d try a couple of things as a quick test.
I really must get a life :slight_smile:
Using a linked variation of Learn2 I’ve had issues with folder numbering under rc1.7, that aside:
With about 12 primary folders, in a couple I put between 80 and 150 pages/folders and then few of those similar sub folders then again for a third level.
Total over 500 pages.
I then tried using add new in various folders, all seemed to be visible as optional parents and a random selection worked. wen I added pages via the admin panel.

My raspberry pi test server runs both Grav 1.6 and Grav 1.7rc6 on the same web pages.
I do know v1.7 has issues with page numbering but it seemed to work with both as a limited test.
If its reached a page limit then somebody may know what it is (not me)


Hi @Jerry! I found a solution!
There is variable “maxOptions” in user/plugins/admin/themes/grav/js/vendor.min.js with default value “1000” and I just increased it. So, it works good now. I can see all pages in parents dropdown list…