Is it possible to change the "Order Pages"?

The field type “order” --> “Sortable Pages” under the “Advanced” tab, section “Ordering” shows all ‘@self.siblings’.
Can it be configured to show all ‘@self.children’?


I think that if you add this:

items: ‘@self.children

on the page you wan’t it to be by going to ‘Expert’, and add the code in the Frontmatter window, that that should do the trick.

actually I have this in the Frontmatter. The content of my page collection is ‘@self.children’. Therefore it would be nice to order them also from the same page and not at their own pages. I was hoping that there is a parameter for:

              type: order
              label: PLUGIN_ADMIN.SORTABLE_PAGES

Thanks for answering.


I think that you probably will find what you are looking for here:

unfortunately not.
The page explains the page collections , sorting etc , but not the admin field type ‘order’ and how to change it or if it is even possible to change it anyway.