Invalid input in "Folder Name"

Invalid input in “Folder Name”

Failed to save entry: Form validation failed, please check your input

This is the error message I get when I try to save a file ( inside its folder. I used a little test text to try to see if I could get it to work – no luck. I did everything the way it’s supposed to be done:

  • Create and name a new folder
  • Select Parent Folder, save
  • Open the folder, enter the Title plus some text in the content area, save
    When I try to save the file, that’s when I get the error.


I did everything the way it’s supposed to be done

That’s an assumption… :wink:

A few things to note…

  • When the system complains about a “Folder name”, the name of the folder might be interesting to share…
  • Please read chapters Basic and Content from the docs to get a feel of the concepts of Grav.
    • On the OS, one creates a folder first and then the file inside the folder. That’s not how it is done in Grav’s Admin.
      In Grav, the concept “Page” consists of a folder + file (*.md). In Admin, a page is created by clicking the “Add Page” menu item. When saving the page, a folder and file (*.md) will be created.
      • Folder: The folder name has meaning for the page. It is the slug shown in the browser and determines if a page is visible or not and its ordering when numbered.
        This folder has specific validation rules. According the docs:

        Folder names should also be valid slugs . Slugs are entirely lowercase, with accented characters replaced by letters from the Latin alphabet and whitespace characters replaced by a dash or an underscore, to avoid being encoded.

      • File: The name of the file, determines the template to be used to render the page, and optionally its language.
  • When using menu “Add Folder”, a plain folder will be created in which eg. images can be stored.
  • When editing and saving a plain folder, Admin will try to convert into a Page, for which extra validation rules apply.

The name of the file it complained about was: About Me (about-me)

Is that name not allowed?


Invalid input in “Folder Name

The name of the file it complained about was: About Me (about-me)

  • Folder vs File… To prevent a misunderstanding… what is the full path of the folder and its containing file? Like /user/pages/mypage/
  • Have you tried creating a Page (= folder + *.md) using menu item “Add Page”?

Actually: folder: about-me, file:

For some reason the dash was missing, so I renamed it manually, directly in the folder, and it stopped complaining.