Not able to edit anymore: Invalid input in "Parent"


i am not able to sort or save entries in my team folder anymore:

this error occurs, when i try to save the parent page, as well, when i try to save a child entry.

i am not very experienced with grav, so maybe someone can at least hint me in the right direction.
thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I found the 2 culprits.

first, i had a problem in my blueprint.
in my default.yaml i had a field β€œroute” with

that did not work, i removed it. the error went away.

but even after that i could save, but i was not able to order 1 specific item of my list.

my sortable items were like

and i was not able to move the folder 11._001_Philipp to a higher position.
that went away when i put the caps in the folder name all in lower case to 11._001_philipp
then ordering worked again.