Inheritance setup SCSS

I’m using the skeleton RTFM site which is theme learn2 and set a custom theme based on it a-learn using the plugin . Via SSh I copied the default scs file theme.css to the a-learn directory the tried to run
’scss --load-path …/learn2/scss --watch scss:css-compiled’
from the a-learn directory and get message scss not found.I am not sure if the path is incorrect or SCSS is not part of the RTFM package.

I’m runnnig this on a raspberry pi nginx server.
Can anybody point me in the right direction, I would be very gratefull.

I knew it was something obvious, I don’t beleive RTFM skeleton uses SCSS, so

the next question is soulf add scss for developement

You need to install SCSS on your server. It’s a ruby application: