Error 403 When Saving Template Settings

When I try to save the settings for the Learn2 theme I receive the following …

“403 Forbidden - Access to this resource on the server is denied!”

I am using a child theme (basically a copy of Learn2 with CSS adjustments) per the instructions for Inheritance given on the GRAV site, no issues anywhere else. Also, I’ve double checked the folder and file permissions, all seems well.

Any suggestions?

More details … the issue is with the Learn2 Settings page under Themes. When I make adjustments I get the error.

Hmm. not sure about that, will have to test it and get back to you. Are you using the RTFM skeleton as a base?

Yes, I am using the Skeleton. THX for the look-see!

Well i just installed the RTFM skeleton, then installed the admin (and associated plugins).

I logged in and was able to save the learn2 settings just fine.

If you could zip up your entire site and put it on dropbox, and send me the link to download i can investigate further.