Style changess need cache-clearing to show

I dont know what I did but for some reason changes in the _custom.scss will not take effect until I trash the cache. I am working with the learn2-theme.

I tried to define load-path a couple of times but nothings good comes out of that. (By the way, am I modifying a file when I define load-path?)

I have made a couple of fresh grav-installs with the learn2-theme and there the watch command works fine.

Any ideas?

hm… it seems to depend on some setting in user/config/system.yaml

Setting css_pipeline: to false solves my problem.
But disabling css_pipeline is going to generate other problems right?

You should only use css_pipeline for production, not during development. For performance reasons the CSS files are not checked for modifications at run time, so that is why you are seeing that.

If you are pushing your CSS changes to production, then the best thing is to clear cache with --assets-only that will mean only the pipelined CSS/JS is cleared:

bin/grav clear --asssets-only

I see, Thanks!