Changes of $core-accent not applied:

I’ve changed $core-accent in scss/configuration/template/_colors.scss but there’s no change in the front-end.
Do I have to compile the css?
The used theme is deliver

Ensure that your scss codes have already been compiled to CSS codes. Then try taking a look at the source code of the css loaded on that page by looking at the html source then the link of the css. As SCSS does a pre-compiling to become the CSS codes. That’s how I troubleshoot my SCSS codes sometimes.

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I had so much hassle getting scss to compile correctly.
There are some instructions here: which helped me a bit.

On Ubuntu linux I need change to my custom theme directory and then run the scss command against my parent theme (bootstrap) folder like this

 cd ../user/themes/XthemenameX
scss --load-path ../bootstrap/scss --watch scss:css-compiled
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Thank you for the help and the link. I indeed have not compiled the scss file yet.
I have installed ruby2.4 and sass right now.

There is a nearly empty scss/template/_custom.scss file.
Can you help me how I can set the $core-accent there?

I’m a little bit worried because I have done already changes to the css file.
How would you deal with that?

Hey there.

Are you modifying the theme’s CSS/SCSS directly, or have you created your own theme with ‘inheritance’ that you’re modifying? It’s not advisable to modify the theme directly, as any update to the theme will overwrite your changes.

There are a few articles about theme inheritance:

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Maybe you can try writing a simple shell script(linux) or batch file(windows) to simplify the process of changing directory and starting the listening of the change for scss files by just running the shell script or batch file.

Im not a fan of scss yet, but trying to improve my knowledge. Hope it helps!

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Once you are used to SCSS, it’s very hard to go back to regular CSS. There’ just so many improvements in SCSS that you get used to using on a day-to-day basis.

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@andy I 'm working directly with the parent theme. Thank you fot the hint with the inheritence

@tobiaslkj At first I will try to to do it as @csixtyfour mentioned

@rhuk If Grav uses it I will try to learn it.
I just wanted to change the color of various elements like anchors, strong et cetera which SEEMS to be configured by only one value at one place. I saw they use all the same color so I had the idea this color is set somehow for all items at one place and not for ech one manually in the .css
Am I right this is the $core-accent value in scss/configuration/template/_colors.scss?

$core-accent variable is the primary color correct. Change it in this one place, and your SCSS compiler should pick up the changes and recompile, therefore fixing the color throughout the resulting CSS to use the new color you just changed.

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It works :slight_smile: