[Beginner] Starting with Grav

Hi everyone !

First i’m pretty new in informatic and I chose Grav for my first CMS. I tried to manage how Grav work but i’m in front of a wall. I’m in intership and I have to create a website, for this I’d like to create a menu like this one :

The idea is : when your mouse scroll pass over the button “Menu”, it’s showing up in the center of your page.

So my question is : Is it possible to create this type of menu with Grav CMS ?

If yes do you have some advice to give me in order to realise it ?

Thx a lot for your help !


You have to create your own theme. In the navigation.html.twig template you can write how the menu will show, so, yes, you can do that!

@nicjedi I’ve another question to ask ! I’ve looked some theme in navigation.html.twig. The code is “twig” langage ? I can’t truly understand the code !

Twig is a “template script language”, a mix of similar PHP functionality inside a standard HTML file.
You can found the reference and a simple documentation here

@nicjedi Thanks a lot for your help and your time. :slight_smile:

If don’t missunerdstand the documentation : Twig language is PHP but with simplification ? I already know basics about HTML but I guess I need to learn the basics about PHP to able to understand ? :slight_smile:

you don’t need to know PHP to understand TWIG, it’s really a simple language

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@nicjedi Hi again !

Since last time I tried to look in other to retake some parts. The problem is : I don’t get anything what i’m seeing. I can’t find a proper tutorial to explain me how to learn Twig point by point.

Anyway, I’d like to ask you if got some advice to build my menu and some tutorial/reference that could help me in my goal.

Thanks you a lot (and sorry if my english is broken) !


And this…


Sorry I’ve returned home from office too late. I think that @jhabdas done a great work to help you.
Unfortunately the menù style you want to implement is quite an hard work in design terms. get a look to the code of the original site of the screenshot you posted initially to understand how it’s made

Is it though? A quick example from CodePen: https://codepen.io/NeatDesigns/pen/JyGGoL/. Just some basic HTML and CSS for a menu that you hover to get submenus, with translucent backgrounds.

Like your in initial image, @BirdOne, you actually only need HTML and CSS to recreate it. Grav does not prevent you from using either, and Twig just makes available some logic to make it easier. For the backgrounds you just need to use the CSS-property background-color with the rgba-value: rgba(255, 255, 128, .5); - which sets the opacity of the color.

This can also be done with gradients or more advanced backgrounds in CSS. Another alternative would be to make sure that the content - the links - and the background are in two different elements within the submenus, so you can apply an opacity-property to the background element (but not the foreground element).

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Thanks everyone for your reply and for your help. I will take a look to what you gave me !

Again thanks ! :smiley:

Hi again !

I’m starting to understand how to create my menu. This is what I get for now :

The problem is when i’m adding “width: 140px;” to reduce the menu’s background i’m having this :

Do you have somes ideas to fix my problem pls @OleVik @nicjedi @jhabdas ? I tried to look for some fonction like “background-size” or others things like this but I can’t fix my probleme.

Thanks for your help.

If you share the URL to a public pen on CodePen where you are implementing this, we can more easily help you.

Just keep at it. Work the inclusive design tutorial provided earlier to ensure whatever you produce is accessible to the widest possible audience—then make it look nice on the screen on mobile, then on larger format screens. Expect several iterations as you learn and make incremental improvements along the way.

To nail the design you’re looking for I’d recommend experimenting with <dl> with one <dt> for each column and <dd> elements to list out each of the items with anchors. Use CSS Grids to wrangle the visual structure. If you find yourself wanting to nest lists you’re overthinking the problem.

Focus on the content structure first—it’s the most important.

Hi everyone ! Sorry for my late answer.

@OleVik Here is my code https://codepen.io/BirdOne/pen/LMKLop. I found a solution who is to reduce the translation to 0ms !

@jhabdas Thanks for your advice, I’ll try to create and new code and follow full tutorial. I already the two or three first parts.

Thanks again for your help. :slight_smile:

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