Inconsistent Design with h3 Header after h2 Header

Hi guys, i’m fairly new to the grav-cms (and it’s amazing! <3).
I’m building a new site and i wanted to have a h2 header (## Header) as page-title and afterwards an h2 header (### Header) for the subtitles.
In antimatter it resulted as the following:
As you can see, the first h3 header is centerized and the second h3 header is left-binded.
When i put text between the h2 and h3 header, both are left-orientated.
How does this come? Is there a solution without putting text between those headers?

I appreciate every help :slight_smile:

Dominik Müller

Dominik, it’s difficult to tell without seeing the source code, but I’d assume one of your h3 headers is styled by a different CSS class (in doubt, I’d place my bet on the centered one). You may want to check your source code and see whether there is a class stack.

Yup, this is just CSS that you can tweak.