Noobie question about markdown

Totally new to all this stuff, and am still tying to wrap my head around markdown, etc.

The default homepage in the antimatter theme that ships with Grav has the text centered. How is this accomplished? I don’t see anything in the markdown for that page indicating the body is to be centered.

Text on my newly created pages is always left aligned.

Side Question: what editor do you Grav devs use?

Forgot to mention I am creating pages using the built-in editor in the Grav admin panel.

To the best of mine and googles knowledge, markdown doesn’t support left or right alignment. Typically in design you’d want your titles to stay the same. But heres two options for you.

  1. edit the scss

I’m brand new to scss, so someone else will almost definately know better - but I think you’d need to edit the h1/h2/h3 tags in the scss files in themes/antimatter/scss/template/_typography.scss - which gets a little more complicated than regular css as the changes won’t take effect unless your synced up in the console (check the link above and google scss).

  1. The other easy way you could do it temporarily, which I don’t really recommend, is by using inline-css & html.
<h1 style="text-align: left;">Hello</h1>

Thanks for offering to help. I tried using – it worked for some things but not for others.

Are you trying to centre the paragraphs/text?

<p style="text-align: center;">This is regular text</p>

Am trying to center the entire page.


Read this on my way to work, if you made a div like that I think you could apply centering rules to the div, and write md inside it. (With inline-css) like I did above.

It’s on the docs in the advanced section.